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Through the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi You know, its hard for me to write reviews. Sometimes I have trouble sorting through how I feel, my likes and dislikes, and pinpointing exactly what made me love a book rather than just loving it. And this was no exception. I knew it was 4.5 stars for me...but why? The story and world is good great. I've read "world ending/two worlds colliding" before and this was definitely one of the better ones. I think it was because the two groups (Dwellers and Outsiders) are so different. Ultra-modern vs. Dark-Ages (practically). This one has more action than the first, more drama, more characters...just more. I was never bored. But its not why I love it. So what is it?
It's the characters.
Roar's smile widened. "I know. You missed me."
She rolled her eyes. "It's barely been three weeks since I last saw you."
"Miserable stretch of time." He said

Roar stole my heart. When he's around I'm like...Perry who? It's not just because he has the Best. Name. Ever. (just say it out loud a few times...admit it, you can't help but smile) If I were to go through a list of qualities for my perfect guy he'd score really well.
Romantic...check, check, check.
My heart is still in pieces for him after this. I just...agghhh...poor Roar.
While Roar may have stolen my heart...it didn't take all of it. Cinder ran away with a piece. That kid is loveable even though he tries desperately not to be. He's so strong yet vulnerable at the same time. And when he's with Willow I always smile. Those two...a million shades of A-dor-A-ble.
I would travel around to world and raise some serious hell to get him back. I think he might make me an angry mommy bear. Perry better kick some ass
And surprisingly enough there were characters that I despised last time but have actually made me change my mind in this one.
Soren. I want to hate him. I mean, I know I shouldn't trust him since he was such a colossal douche but...I like him. I know my issue with fixer-uppers rears its ugly head again but I have a feeling he's a good guy.
So yeah, I can't wait for [bc:Into the Still Blue|14288998|Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky, #3)|Veronica Rossi|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1372458835s/14288998.jpg|19928978]. And until it comes out I'll be stressed out for everyone I have fallen in love with. Why do I let myself start unfinished series?