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Austenland - Shannon Hale “If you were a woman, all I'd have to say is 'Colin Firth in a wet shirt' and you'd say 'Ah.”
I think most women have a part of them, even if it's small, that sighs just a little when they hear Mr. Darcy. The Pride and Prejudice TV movie is the reason that to this day I will always love Colin Firth, always. And it was the Emma, also, TV movie that started my mild obsession with Jonny Lee Miller. I love the men Jane Austen gave us and the romances she dreamt up. So its safe to say, I understand Jane Hayes. I may even be a bit like her. Without, of course, the wealthy aunt who wants to leave me a non-refundable trip to Austenland. I'm jealous.
I finished this in one night. Started it around 9pm, telling myself I would read a chapter or two and couldn't put it down even though I reminded myself I could pick it back up tomorrow. I just didn't want to because I was lost in guilty pleasure. Lost in a silly fantasy of British men and a time when I wished I lived...but in reality probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I think I would. I like indoor plumbing and air conditioning too much.
This is a light read when you just want something to daydream about. Shannon Hale has done a great job of weeding out most of my silly fantasies about men like Mr. Knightly and Mr. Darcy and wrapping them up with a neat little bow. And has also made me want to re-read my favorite Jane Austen novels.