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Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi post finishing high thoughts
After giving it a day I have come to the conclusion that yes, I did love it enough to give it the full 5 stars.
This had everything I love about this genre and more. At times I felt like I was reading two separate books and at first I wasn't sure I liked it but then realized how brilliant it was. Life in the Pods/Realms were futuristic, modern and so techie. Then on the outside it was the complete opposite. The post-apocalyptic life that brought them back nearly to the dark ages. It was strange to go back and forth between Aria and Perry but each time I did I fell easily into their shoes. It made feeling the hatred for each other believable and understandable but when they finally learned to get along it was only sweeter.
I can't wait to continue the series. I'm sure the clashing of these two worlds will be epic.
giddy excitement review
I so badly want to automatically give it 5 stars. But seeing how I've only just finished I'm going to tell myself it's just high and excitement of finishing. I normally need a day to fully process and appreciate. Now if tomorrow I'm still giddy then yea I will bump up to a full 5.