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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, #5) - Richelle Mead Once sentence summary: The Academy lets those kids loose.
Stars: 3.5
Ok, so I have to start off by saying I did like the book and I love the series. I feel like that is important to make clear cause there are things that pissed me off and in a review when you point out what you didn't like it can come across as if you hated it, yet it got a fairly good rating. So to be fair I'll begin with its selling points.
Exotic Locations First and probably the most important reason to like this book was they went to Alaska. I spent a good portion of my childhood there so them taking their crazy mission train there was a little amusing to me. I waited for a moose but was sadly disappointed. A moose chased me and attacked my cat when I was seven so yea...I was hoping Rose got some revenge for me. Oh well.
Fast Paced So seriously, I loved the action in this one. There were rarely times that I was bored, there was always something going on to keep me occupied. The Oceans Eleven style break-ins and break-outs were pretty clever and adding a sweet little Lissa was just *thumbs up*. I was actually really nervous for her, but she pulled it off so I will now file her under kick-ass girls...sort of.
Evil Dimitri Mmmm...I will say it till I'm blue in the face. That man makes bad so sexy! Even his little "love" notes were hot. If that hot ass guy made it his life's mission to hunt me down, I have to be honest, I'd probably let him catch me. Confession time...I was disappointed when he turned back. I hoped maybe he would keep a little off that evil in him but sadly, its missing. He's right back to being too good. I get his unwillingness to see Rose, the things he did to her were pretty...intense. But...aahhh he's too much of a martyr.
Ok, on to my complaints. And to be honest its really only boils down to one, but its a big one to me.
Rose <3's Adrian</b>...or does she? From the moment he popped out at the ski lodge I have loved Adrian. He is his own person, does his own thing, doesn't give a shit what other people think, drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. And I loved him for all of it (even though in real life not all that attracted to smokers). So I have to ask, Adrian, where did you go? Oh, I know, under Rose's thumb. At the end of [b:Blood Promise|5996153|Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4)|Richelle Mead|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347652513s/5996153.jpg|6651007] he tells her he's going to make a list of things he'll do to prove himself. And in doing that he took nearly everything I loved about him and flushed it away! He basically becomes "Rose's Boyfriend" and nothing else. But does she become "Adrian's Girlfriend"? Uh...half the time I forgot she was even dating anyone the way she acted.
Rose...why the hell are you even with Adrian? Practically all of her thoughts are about Dimitri. Saving Dimitri, getting things back the way they were with Dimitri. I get that you love him, that's obvious and understandable, but don't string poor Adrian along! I got so angry with her I had to take a break. If I thought she might have actual, honest, feelings for him I might be on board. But she used him, plain and simple. And I can't believe he let her! ADRIAN!!! Oh where did you go?
I really thought I had gotten him back when he broke up with Rose but that lasted what? Half a day...and Rose only decides she loves him after Dimitri flat out says he doesn't love her anymore. So maybe only a few hours later she gets her sexy little vampire love on with Adrian. I rolled my eyes. I don't know who I was angrier with at the time. Rose or Adrian. Come on man, stick to your guns. Oh who does she see the morning after and starts chatting up? Of course Dimitri.
So basically I think Rose AND Adrian need a little reality check. And until someone sticks a boot up their asses I'm gonna be pissed off.