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Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) - Richelle Mead The reason I picked Vampire Academy up was because I kept seeing it pop up in reviews for [bc:Half-Blood|9680718|Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)|Jennifer L. Armentrout|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311865840s/9680718.jpg|14568639] and the whole Covenant series. Most people say it's blatantly the same plot. I've read all the books in Covenant to date and LOVE them but I had yet to read Vampire Academy so going into this its sort of the opposite of what seems to be everyone else's views.
I can't hate Covenant because I read it first and I can't hate Vampire Academy because it was written first. So I tried to go in thinking they were entirely separate reads. Problem is before the end of the sampler I got I already saw the very obvious similarities. So, did reading Covenant first ruin this one? No. Though there were moments of serious deja vu (meeting the headmaster with sexy man toy standing against the wall) I still really really really enjoyed it.
The mythology of vampires in this is completely new to me and such an interesting take on it. Living vampires vs. dead vampires? Cool! I never would have thought of vampires actually being born...so clever.
Rose is kick-ass from the very beginning and she's snarky. I LOVE SNARKY. The girls who don't think they are all that but suddenly have the hottest guys fawning over them can get boring. Rose knows she's hot, she knows she's bad-ass, and she isn't afraid to show you. There should be more characters like her.
Out of all the relationships in the book Rose/Liss are my favorite. They compliment each other like the best major romances do. Their friendship is supernatural but REAL at the same time. I can't wait to dig farther into it.
The one with Rose and Demitri was there but it wasn't at the same time. I love me some hard-ass/mentor/older/sexy man and I wanted more! I kept wishing for more training with him. I wanted him to pop up more at the worst possible time for Rose. But hey, there was some sexy time in the end and I guess it leaves so much room for the relationship to bloom. I have a feeling they are going to make me love and hate them both at the same time.
Overall this was a good first book. All the information being thrown at us was a little bit overwhelming at times but to be expected. A lot of world building. I got hunches about some of the characters and plots and I can't wait to see if I'm right...that's half the fun isn't it?