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I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella After reading this I want to stop at every trash bin to see if someone's tossed out a phone.


I want to be Poppy. I even want her ridiculously sticky situations, her faults and horrible judgment about getting involved with someone else's email account. She was truly lovable and exactly what I needed to get me through a blech book funk. Sometimes all it takes is well written chicklit.
I even loved the ending, cheesy as it was it was still perfect. You know the ending of one of your favorite chick flicks that makes you cry even though it's corny as hell? You're sitting there wiping away the tears while the credits are rolling, asking yourself why am I balling like a baby?? Do things like this actually happen? Does a guy really do that? Are men even that clever or romantic?

Not in my world.

But maybe that's why I want to be in hers. And yes, I really will peek in trash bins as I pass them. One can only hope.