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Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4) - Richelle Mead One sentence summary: Rose goes Dimitri hunting.
Stars: 3.5
I wanted to give it more, I wanted to like more but with such a slow start it took me almost half the book to actually start really enjoying it.
I missed all the other characters, even though Rose would pop in to see them every so often. (which was always at very convenient times I might add) But it just wasn't the same without Rose actually there to bring out the personalities I love especially with Christian. I really do enjoy their love/hate friendship.
And the other characters that were introduced...eh. I liked Sydney but it sort of felt like one of those episodes of a TV show where they are obviously setting up a spin off. Like with CSI. You could always tell when a new city was starting up because they would just happen to have a case in that city an just happened to need to work with these quirky new characters.
The thing that kept me reading on through the slow parts was that I truly do love this series but it was one character that made me race towards the ending cause I got so freaking excited. And I have to say it was surprising because to be honest I never really jumped his train...until now. Oh Dimitri.
There was always something I just didn't feel with Dimitri. He was too perfect and the little slip up of attacking Rose with desire were always far and too few between. Plus there was just something missing and I finally figured out what it was.
EVIL Hot damn it looks good on him. I hate to say it but I wanted him to bite me just as much as Rose did. Even just a splash of snarky and bad intentions does his body good. Is it wrong to say that a part of me hopes Lissa doesn't heal him...completely?
This situation reminds me of another sexy vampire, my original hot blood sucker, Angel. I never really had the iffy feelings with him like I did with Dimitri, probably because Angel always had that bit of bad in him even when he had a soul. But when he lost it...that twisted part of me rejoiced. Yes, I really might have a problem with bad boys.
I'm still a little Team Adrian though. I don't know what it is. I have a feeling Spirit Bound is going to make up for my so-so feelings over this one. Do I feel a true love-triangle coming on?