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First things first. I love the cover. f'ing love it. Why? No idea really. Maybe its the simplicity of the blue on white...either way I think it's beautiful. Anywhos, on to a review of the actual book.

This has been sitting in my nightstand for at least a few months now. I bought it at this bookstore that sells them 2/$5, awesome right? I actually thought this was the best thing since sliced bread until I remembered the library lends out books for free...FREE people, changed my world...but I'm getting distracted again. I'm not sure why I didn't read this at first, I think I had so many others lined up that this one sort of got forgotten. Sad really. I wished I had gotten to it earlier.

Going into this I had this idea of what the book was going to be and I was completely wrong. For whatever reason from the description I got it into my head that this was going to have an old world feel, you know...no electricity, girls don't wear pants without getting strange looks...that sort of thing. I assumed it was going to have more of a fantasy feel. I was so wrong, per usual. And you know, I'm glad I was wrong. It was a nice break to have a fairly normal world with only one supernatural thing going on, you know? Vampires, witches, demons....nope, just werewolves. And not the werewolves that come out under the moonlight, fear silver, and hate vampires. Just wolves...who are people...and then they are wolves again.

Simple. Nice. Easy.

Those are the feelings I had while reading this. It was easy to read. Sam and Grace together was just simple, their interactions realistic. I could actually see them sitting around and talking, wasn't so forced. Their relationship was nice. Other than the obvious fears and complications there wasn't too much drama. Very little angst.

The only other word I would have liked to have thought more was Exciting. We had a few moments, stalker she-wolf and...well to be honest I can't remember another 'action scene'. I'm not saying it necessarily needed more, I can read a book without kick-ass fights, but I sort of itched for one. Maybe a Lion King moment where two wolves fly at each other in slow motion. Raaaawwwwrrrr. No? Fine...

Maybe there will be more action for me in the next one, which I will be reading sooner rather than later. Where else can I get jokes about dogs pissing on things? Come on, it's funny.

Holy Crap. Just realized why I love the cover so much. It looks like my bed set except mines purple not blue. Well, now everyone knows I was writing this review in bed.