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Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire

I've pretty much stuck to my no rating on the same day policy but I know I just won't change my mind, so there you go.

I'm sorry but, I don't get it. I wanted to really badly. I love bad boys more than the next girl, however, I lost the appeal of Travis very early on. It wasn't really that he bagged every girl on campus, he's a man-whore, whatever. And it wasn't even that he was obsessed with Abby. What I truly didn't understand, and drove me crazy from the very beginning, is why Abby? What was it about her that from the moment he met her, he knew she was different? Was it the pink cardigan and pearls? Oh...its cause she made it clear she wouldn't sleep with him? Seriously? She's the first girl who doesn't drop her panties for him? I know plenty of girls who would steer clear so where in Gods green earth is he that Abby is so different?

There were plenty of other things that bugged the hell out of me but I'm just going to move on and pat myself on the back for actually finishing and also apologize profusely, cause it's very rare that I rant on a book.