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Do you accept returns on soulmates? Mines defective.

Ceaseless - Abbi Glines

I'm sick of this mopey shit. It's getting old. You can't mope for the rest of eternity. Especially when you didn't even fight for her. You drop the bomb on her that you end human life and then you expect her to accept you with open arms. This ain't a damn soap opera.

Thank you Gee, I couldn't agree more. Apparently the memo should have been sent around to everyone else that this wasn't a damn soap opera, because that's what it felt like I was reading. One with dialog that makes you both laugh and cry...not in the Emmy winning sort of way.

Hey, we've not met yet. I'm Babes, and yes, like for real that's my name, please do not ask. My mother smoked a lot of pot. Janet said you shared this room with your friend Miranda who is never here.

If this is how Ceaseless greeted me I probably would have just turned around and walked away.

I actually feel bad for how much I disliked this. Maybe I'm just annoyed that such a good concept of falling in love with Death fell so flat in the end. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just cranky.

Here's my biggest gripe, and I have many...It was sort of boring, silly even, compared to the other two books in the series. In the first Pagan saw dead people, was totally fall in love with that sexy soul who talked to her, she cheated death. In the second Leif, the voodoo prince, was determined to get her and there was a daring escape from the underworld. And in this one? Pagan forgot all about that crazy shit and Dank had to compete for her heart with Jay, a soul mate who doesn't seem to have any sort of chemistry with Pagan at all...that's pretty much it. Any sort of mythology that was in the rest of the series was hardly even in this one. To be honest, I wasn't even really sure why she had to choose between the two to begin with. It was painfully obvious that a relationship between Pagan and Jay was going nowhere. Taylor Swift and whoever the current boyfriend is have a better chance at love than these two did.

Not that I was really cheering for her other option all that much either.

I enjoyed Dank in the beginning, I really did. He was dark, mysterious, dangerous, sexy...you know, the usual. But that Dank is gone. Sure he's got a motorcycle, and is still in that band (which, I by the way, never liked. Really? Death is also a rock star? Seriously? He's a rock star who girls drop their panties for and guy try not to have bro-crushes on like he's Justin Timberlake, yet he seems sort annoyed by the attention of it all. It all sort of felt cliché, like it was done to make him seem cooler, hotter...I don't know.) But it's not really that attractive when he's being a creepy stalker. Singing to her while she's sleeping is one thing. Watching her undress...quite another. Not cool Dank, not cool.

I think the only reason I kept reading was that I was waiting for that steamy scene that was bound to happen. Pagan and Dank had chemistry in the first book and then even had it up against the tree in this one, but when it came down to it, it was anti-climatic or comical, depending on what sort of mood you're in.

"What things do you want to do?" I asked as I reached up and brushed her nipple with my thumb.
"I want to take off our bottoms," she whispered and dropped her gaze to my stomach.
Oh damn. I was a goner.
"Pagan, if we take off our pants things could go farther..."

Danged bottoms. They are so danged pointless. Just like this danged series finale.