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Allegiant (Divergent, #3)

Allegiant (Divergent, #3) - Veronica Roth Dear Veronica Roth,

You are one crazy-ass, brave writer for ending Divergent the way you have. You took the dangerous road that might, and has, angered many fans of this series. Simply put, making the decisions you have took balls. Yes, I said it...you have balls. And I applaud you for that.


I know I'm not with the majority on this one and it surprises me, but I wasn't disappointed by this like I was scared I would be.

Was I heartbroken and angry? Of course.
Will I forgive Veronica Roth for what she has done? Probably not anytime soon.

But I understand it and almost expected it. As soon as Caleb volunteered to sacrifice himself I knew...KNEW...no matter her confusion and hurt towards him, Tris would never let him go through with it. I hoped it would end differently of course and if it weren't written as well as it was I would be angrier. The aftermath for Tobias was beautiful. Beautifully sad of course, but beautiful nonetheless. I may have had a harder time with that than I did with the death itself. I love you, Four. Seriously. Not many writers could pull something like this off and in my opinion she has. Its an ending I won't soon forget, nor do I want to.

I laughed with my favorite characters. I cried along with them, a lot. I swore out loud in anger at the surprises. And I loved it. It has started as one of my favorites and ended as one as well.

Now I only pray the movie doesn't F it up.