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Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning Going into this I really had only one expectation, Irish guys. I looooove 'em. Love them in a way that borders on obsession.

*I know Gerard Butler is Scottish, but damn he does Irish so well*

Okay, maybe more than borders. Which is why I was disappointed to find only the rare Irish boy in Dublin, Ireland. WTF? Why isn't Jericho Barrons Irish? Why doesn't he have just a hint of an accent? Boo.

With that said, its a good book. I liked Barrons, with or without the accent. He has a dry sort of humor that had me, on multiple occasions, wondering if he was serious or really just joking. And I want to know what the hell he is! Is he part Fae? Maybe some sort of shady guy? I have no idea...all of my guesses are just that, silly guesses. His 'adventures' with Mac had me laughing even though I'm not sure if I should have been. Whether it was his using her as his personal arm candy, her thwarting his attempts to show her off as said arm candy with rainbow outfits, or just their klepto moves, I was pretty amused. Seriously, between the two of them no OOP's were safe.


Maybe Mac should consider renaming her 'Objects of Power' though. We all know they're more OPP than OOP. Yeah, you know me...not so down with other people's property. But Mac and Barrons sure the hell are.
Crap, not only have I dated myself but I've gotten that stuck in everyone's head...sorry.

There's one thing with this that I'm wavering on and can't quite decide if I like it or hate it, it could equally go either way. I'd be a pretty lame Buffy fan I didn't notice the similarities between Ms. Lane and Ms. Summers. Its fairly noticeable one chapter in but obvious later on once she learns about her real self. Warehouse. Natural fighting skills. Spear toting. Need I go on? I half expected Barrons to tell her this was her destiny, that there was only one of her a generation.

For now I will think its a good thing because Buffy is just so damn awesome. That and I so rarely read a heroine who is worried about her favorite nail polish color being discontinued. My advice to her is buy up as much as possible now before its too late. That's why I have a stockpile of shampoos and conditioners in my linen closet. You won't find that particular TIGI on store shelves anymore. Look who's laughing now lady who rang me up.