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Frigid - J Lynn You know that moment when you're watching a crime show drama and you see someone for the first time and you're like, They did it? I do that a lot, and I don't mean to brag (maybe I do) but I'm pretty damn good at picking the right one. Especially those totally random killers that weren't even suspects until the last possible second. My best friend says its just cause I get lucky by picking the first person I see, but lets be honest here people...I'm just that awesome.

Normally I'm pretty excited I'm right. Normally I'm surprised by their motives. (I only pick the who, not the why...I can't do all the work for these cops, sheesh) This time all I thought was...duh. It was pretty obvious. In fact, most of the book was pretty obvious.

I shouldn't be so shocked anymore. When the girl is in love with her male BFF and he's a man-whore you know exactly what's going to happen. She pines for him and he pines for her, masking his feelings by wagging his winky around to random girls. Why is it every other girl in NA books are sluts? Why do they always throw themselves at these guys who are always totally irresistible? Why does he always have an impossibly perfect body?


Why can't the guy have a 4 pack? You know, the kind those yummy malt beverages come in...a little Mikes Hard Lemonade abs, that could be interesting. And while I'm making suggestions, how about we not get his POV if he's going to be just like the girl except with more swear words. I think I would have enjoyed this much more without getting into Kyler's head. Not much pisses me off more than constant misunderstandings that can be easily fixed if both of them would just man up, or grow lady balls, and be honest. We could have wrapped up that little problem quickly and developed the stalking story line a bit more.

That actually had potential, other than the No shit, Sherlock factor. I know J. Lynn can pull off a better mystery than this. Her YA books are some of my favorite...and I think that might be why I was just so disappointed in this. Maybe it was written quicker than her others? Maybe if it was given more time the story and characters could have been fleshed out more. Maybe it could have been edited one more time and she could have decided if she wanted her characters in jeans or sweats because either they are magic and can switch back and forth or they were wearing those PajamaJeans. I was equal parts confused and annoyed.


I think I've come to realize that I prefer Jennifer L. Armentrout as a YA and not adult.

Le sigh...