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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell Shit.

Just. Shit.

I've never been so happy reading a book and so angry at the same time. I often have trouble finding the words to express what I think of something that really makes me feel. And this is one of those things. So I guess it will just have to be short.

the happy Park. He has to be the most adorable guy ever created, him and his mother. Just their whole family in general is adorable. It reminds me of my own in some ways, except my parents met in Alaska, not Korea. My dad told me once that when he first saw my mom on the air force base they were both stationed he turned to his friend and actually said, "I'm going to marry her." That's how I imagine it happened for Park's parents too. And just writing this brings tears to my eyes because I realize how lucky I was to have the amazing childhood I did and the parents that still love each other. I'm even grateful that they still manage to gross my brother and I out with little comments eluding to things we, as their children, just don't want to know. I could have been much, much less fortunate...

the angry God. I have no words for Eleanor's situation. I don't so I won't even try.

Eleanor & Park made me laugh just as much as it made me cry and I highly doubt I will forget it anytime soon.